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The best way to arrive at a speedy diagnosis often involves the customer being able to tell us as much about the problem they are having as they can, for example what were you doing on the computer when it went wrong, have you recently installed something new, have you changed any hardware or recently moved etc (this list is my no means exhaustive). By asking questions we are able to quickly get up to speed with your computer and understand how you use it which can help reduce the time spent and ultimately the cost to you. Repairs range from operating system / software repairs to hardware repairs which may or may not require the ordering of parts, some examples are shown below -


  • Reinstall of operating system (currently microsft operating systems and several linux distro's)
  • Repair's of operating system, user accounts, registry information
  • Removal of difficult programs such as expired Norton or Mcafee installations
  • Updates to important programs or drivers
  • Broken windows updates
  • Other system related issues


  • Dust removal from sensitive areas (including from inside overheating Laptops). See our photo gallery here for examples.
  • Cleaning and then reapplying thermal paste to processors
  • Replacement or upgrading of faulty components
  • Replacing noisy or non effective cooling fans
  • Improve the cooling
  • Power sockets, keyboards and dead screens on laptops etc 


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